Rule Ideas for Drinking Games

Some drinking games require that individual players make up rules that players must follow during the game. When a rule is applied, players must do or not do something. If they violate the rule, they must drink (or face another punishment).

Parts of a Rule:

  • Behavior to Follow – This is what should or shouldn’t be done. If someone does the opposite, they have broken the rule.
  • Who It Applies To – You must determine whether this rule applies to everyone or just people of a certain demographic. For example, the rule may apply only to men, those under a certain age, or otherwise. Fairness is optional when determining this. The standard is everyone (you know, equality).
  • Punishment – The price that rule violators must pay when the break a rule. Typically, this is drinking some amount, but it can also be something else. I drinking is the punishment, the amount they must drink should be specified.
  • Null Point – Some rules last the entire game and some rules end at a certain point. This could be after a certain period of time or when something has happened that triggers its removal. Examples: A rule could end after 10 minutes in play or when everyone has violated the rule at least once. You don’t have to set a null point. If no end point it set, the default is the end of the game.

When playing a drinking game that requires you to make up a rule, it can be difficult to think of something on the fly. We all strive to come up with something new and creative that our group will embrace, but this isn’t always easy. For those seeking some inspiration in coming up with rules for drinking games, see our suggestions below. These suggestions can be mixed together and they can either be the required behavior OR the punishment.

Bodily Gestures

  • Do magic fingers.
  • Drink with two hands.
  • Drink someone else’s drink.
  • Make a funny face.
  • Put pinky out when drinking.
  • Put thumb on table.

Major Movements

  • Run or walk around the table.
  • Run or walk around the house (or building).


  • Can’t say certain words, such as “I”, “you”, “me” or someone’s name.
  • Has to make a slurping sound when drinking.
  • Make an animal noise.


  • Flash their chest to the group (men and women).
  • Flash their chest to the wall (for the shy).
  • Remove an article of clothing.